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Neer Zeevi, M.D.photo of Neer Zeevi, M.D.

Academic Title
Research fellow in geriatric medicine

Primary Appointment

Secondary Appointment

Relevant Activities and Interests
Primary interest is cerebrovascular geriatrics.  Researching acute stroke management in the elderly and blood-brain barrier properties during aging and in a mouse stroke model.

Selected Publications
Zeevi, Pachter, McCullough, Wolfson, Kuchel (2009) “The Blood-Brain Barrier: Geriatric Relevance of a   Critical Brain-Body Interface.”  (submitted to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society)

Kuchel, Moscufo, Guttmann, Zeevi, Wakefield, Schmidt, DuBeau and Wolfson. “Localization of Brain White Matter Hyperintensities and Urinary Incontinence in Community-Dwelling Older Adults.” Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, 64 (8):  902-909

Zeevi, Chhabra, Silverman, Lee and McCullough LD (2007) “Acute Stroke Management in the Elderly.” Cerebrovascular Diseases, 23 (4): 304-308.

Finelli, Gupta and Zeevi: (2007) “Neuroimaging of bilateral caudate infarction manifesting as Parkinsonian gait disorder.” Connecticut Medicine, 71 (3): 149-150.

Contact Information
Email: nzeevi@uchc.edu

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