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Morgan Carlson, Ph.D.

Academic Title
Assistant Professor

Center on Aging
Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology

Education and Training
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley/San Francisco; Bioengineering
M.S., University of California, Davis; Comparative Pathology

Our lab employs a wide range of experimental systems and approaches to better understand the molecular processes of aging, with the goal of evaluating and translating our discoveries into therapeutic strategies relevant to human disease. Currently, we are investigating changes in the age-related signaling properties of muscle stem cells and their environmental niches. This work involves examining the deregulation of key signaling pathways, exploring new molecular candidates that govern stem cell fate and developing targeted strategies to improve tissue regeneration and organ function.

Accepting Lab Rotation Students
Fall ’11, Spring ‘12

Selected Publications
Carlson ME, Conboy MJ, Hsu M, Barchas L, Jeong J, Agrawal A, Mikels AJ, Agrawal S, Schaffer DV and Conboy IM.  Relative roles of TGF-β1 and Wnt in the systemic regulation and aging of satellite cell responses.  Aging Cell (2009) Sep 2

Carlson ME, Suetta, C, Aagaard P, Conboy MJ, Mackey A, Kjaer M and Conboy IM.  Molecular aging and rejuvenation of human muscle stem cells.  EMBO Molecular Medicine (2009) (1) 1-11

O’Connor MS, Carlson ME and Conboy IM.  Differentiation rather than aging of muscle stem cells abolishes their telomerase activity.  Biotechnol Prog. 2009 Jul-Aug;25(4):1130-7

Carlson ME, Hsu M and Conboy IM.  Imbalance between pSmad3 and active Notch induces CDK inhibitors in old muscle stem cells.  Nature. 2008 Jul 24;454(7203):528-32

Carlson ME, Silva, HS, Conboy IM.  Aging of signal transduction pathways, and pathology.  Experimental Cell Research (2008).  Jun:10(9) 1951-1961

Carlson ME, Conboy IM.  Regulating Notch pathway in embryonic, adult and old stem cells.  Curr Opin Pharmacol. 2007 Jun;7(3):303-9

Carlson ME, O’Connor MS, Hsu M, Conboy IM.  Notch signaling pathway and tissue engineering. Front Biosci.  2007 Sep 1;12:5143-56

Carlson ME, Conboy IM. Loss of stem cell regenerative capacity within aged niches.  Aging Cell. 2007 Jun:6(3):371-82

Contact Information
Phone: 860-679-3053
E-mail: mcarlson@uchc.edu

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