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Laura KM Donorfio, Ph.D.

Academic Title
Associate Professor

Primary Appointment
Department of Human Development & Family Studies

Relevant Activities and Interest
Transportation Issues and Older Drivers
Family Caregiving and Filial Responsibility
Qualitative Research Methods/Design
Innovative Teaching and Pedagogical Approaches
     Gerontological Education
     Distance Learning – Interactive Television (iTV)
     Lifelong Learning

Selected Publications
Donorfio, L.K.M., Vhetter, R., & Vracevic, M. (2010).  Effects of three caregiver interventions:  Support, educational literature, and creative movement. Journal of Women & Aging, 22, 61-75.

Donorfio, L.K.M. & Chapman, B. (2009).  Engaging the older learner on growing old—Positively. The LLI Review, 4, 9-21.

Donorfio, L.K.M., Mohyde, M., D’Ambrosio, L., & Coughlin, J. (2009). To drive or not to drive? That isn’t the question—Defining self-regulation among older drivers. Journal of Safety Research, 40, 221-226.

Donorfio, L.K.M., D’Ambrosio, L., Coughlin, J., & Mohyde, M. (2008). Health, safety, self-regulation and the older driver: It’s not just a matter of age. Journal of Safety Research, 39, 555-561.

Donorfio, L.K.M., Mohyde, M., Coughlin, J., & D’Ambrosio, L. (2008). A qualitative exploration of self-regulation behaviors among older drivers. Journal of Aging & Social Policy, 20(3), 323-339.

D’Ambrosio, L.A., Donorfio, L.K.M., Coughlin, J., Mohyde, M., & Meyer, J. (2008). Gender differences in self-regulation patterns and attitudes toward driving among older adults. Journal of Women & Aging, 20(3/4), 265-282.

Donorfio, L.K.M. & Healy, C. (2008a). Teaching an interactive television course on adulthood and aging: Making it happen. Educational Gerontology, 34(6), 1-19.

Donorfio, L.K.M. & Healy, C. (2008b). Student engagement equals student success: What does your risk continuum look like? NEFDC Exchange, 19(2), 8-10.

Donorfio, L.K.M. & Healy, C. (2007). Helpful suggestions for teaching interactive television courses. NEFDC Exchange, 18(2), 10-12.

Donorfio, L.K.M. & Kellett, K. (2006). Filial responsibility and transitions involved: A qualitative exploration of caregiving daughters and frail mothers. Journal of Adult Development, 13(3-4), 158-167.

Donorfio, L.M. & Sheehan, N.W. (2001). Relational dynamics between aging mothers and their caregiving daughters: Filial expectations and responsibilities.  Journal of Adult Development, 8, 39-49.

Contact Information
Waterbury Campus
99 East Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

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