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Valerie B. Duffy, Ph.D., R.D.

Academic Title

Department of Allied Health Sciences, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Nutritional Sciences, CANR, UCONN and Visiting Research Scientist, Department of Neurobiology, Yale University School of Medicine

Selected Publications

Hayes JE, Bartoshuk LM, Kidd J, Duffy VB. Supertasting and PROP bitterness depends on more than the TAS2R38 gene.  Chemical Senses, in press.

Duffy VB.  Oral sensation and nutrition.  Current Opinion in Gastroenterology, March 2007, 23(2):171-7.

Duffy VB, Lanier SA, Hutchins HL, Pescatello LS, Johnson MK, Bartoshuk LM. Food preference as a screen for cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk within health risk appraisal. J Am Diet Assoc, February 2007;107(2):237-45.

Hayes J, Duffy VB. Revisiting sucrose-fat mixtures: sweetness and creaminess vary with phenotypic markers of oral sensation.  Chemical Senses, 2007 Mar;32(3):225-36. Epub 2007 Jan 4.

Bartoshuk LM, Duffy VB, Hayes JE, Moskowitz HR, Snyder DJ. Psychophysics of sweet and fat perception in obesity: problems, solutions and new perspectives.  Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2006 Jul 29;361(1471):1137-48.

Duffy VB, Chapo AK.  Smell, taste, and somatosensation in aging. In: Chernoff, R (ed.), Geriatric Nutrition: The Health Professional's Handbook. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006, Chapt 7, p 115-162.

Contact Information
Valerie B. Duffy PhD RD
Department of Allied Health Science
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut
358 Mansfield Road, Box U-101
Storrs, CT  06269-2101
valerie.duffy@uconn.edu /  860.486.1997 / 860.486.5375 Fax

Current Funding Sources

USDA/Food Stamps Nutrition Education
The American Diabetes Association Foundation

Personal URL
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