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Laura Haynes, Ph.D.

Academic Title

Center on Aging
Department of Immunology

Education and Training
B.S., University of Miami
Ph.D., University of Rochester  School of Medicine and Dentistry
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Diego

My laboratory is interested in how aging influences immune responses, especially to infectious diseases such as influenza and bacterial pneumonia. We investigate the mechanisms involved in specific age-related changes in the immune system. We are also interested in how these changes influence the generation of protective immunity following infection or vaccination. Our goal is to be able to improve vaccine efficacy for elderly populations.

UCONN Boards
Member of Graduate Admissions Committee

Non-NIH Grants
CT Stem cell grant "Preclinical models of human lung regeneration in COPD" with Wa Xian and Frank McKeon of MultiClonal Therapuetics

Study sections with NIH
Permanent member of VMD (Vaccines for Microbial Diseases) review panel

Study sections with non-NIH
Ad hoc member on the VA review panel Subcommittee for Infectious Diseases

NIA sponsored presentation “Protective humoral immunity and Tfh function decline with age” at the annual American Association of Immunologists meeting (5/2014), Pittsburgh, PA.
Aging and Influenza infection (9/2015) Invited seminar, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France. 
Invited speaker, Immunosenescence Hot Topics & Interventions, Satellite Symposium of the 4th European Congress of Immunology (9/2015), Vienna, Austria.

Selected Publications
Haynes, L., Szaba, F.M., Eaton, S.M., Kummer, L.W., Lanthier, P.A., Petell, A.H., Duso, D.K., Luo D. Lin, J-S., Randall, T.D., Johnson, L.L., Kohlmeier, J.E., Woodland, D.L., Smiley, S.T. (2012) Immunity to the conserved nucleoprotein of influenza reduces susceptibility to bacterial infection. J Immunol. 189:4921.

Lefebvre, J.S., Maue, A.M., Petell, A.H., Lanthier, P.A., Tighe, M., Eaton, S.M., Haynes, L. (2012) Extrinsic factors contribute to age-related defects in CD4 T cell response. Aging Cell, 11:732.

Haynes, L., Swain, S.L. (2012) Age-related shifts in T cell homeostasis lead to intrinsic T cell defects. Semin. Immunol. 24:350.

Haynes, L., Lefebvre, J.S. (2011) Age-related deficiencies in antigen-specific CD4 T cell responses: Lessons learned from mouse models. Aging Dis 2:374.

Lanthier, P.A., Huston, G.E., Moquin, A., Eaton, S.M., Szaba, F.M., Kummer, L.W., Tighe, M.P., Kohlmeier, J.E., Blair, P.J. Broderick, M., Smiley, S.T., Haynes, L. 2011. Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) impacts innate and adaptive immune responses. Vaccine, 29:7849

Maue, A.C., Yager, E.J., Swain, S.L., Woodland, D.L., Blackman, M.A. and Haynes, L. 2009. T cell immunoscenescence: Lessons learned from mouse models of aging. Trends Immunol. 30:301.

Haynes, L. and Maue, A.C. 2009. Effects of aging on T cell function. Curr. Opin. Immunol. 21:414.

Maue, A.C., Eaton, S.M., Lanthier, P.A., Sweet, K.B., Blumerman, S.L. and Haynes, L.  2009. Pro-inflammatory adjuvants enhance the cognate helper activity of aged CD4 T cells. J. Immunol. 182:6129. PMCID: PMC3023905

Eaton, S.M., Maue, A.M., Swain, S.L., Haynes, L. (2008) Bone Marrow precursor cells from aged mice generate CD4 T cells that function well in primary and memory responses. J. Immunol. 181:4825-31.

Eaton, S.M., Burns, E.M., Kusser, K., Randall, T.D. and Haynes, L. (2004) Age-related reductions in CD4 T cell cognate helper function lead to reductions in humoral responses. J. Exp. Med. 200:1613-22.

Current Grants
7P01AG021600Haynes (PI)                                           12/02/02-05/31/17
Aging and Immunity to Infection
The goal of this award is to understand how aging affects the immune system and the capacity of older adults to respond to influenza vaccine.  The focus of the studies conducted at UCHC will be elucidate the nature of the defects in the generation of effector and memory functions in aged naïve CD4+ T cells and determine their potential reversibility  in cells from older adults using vaccines and adjuvants.
Role: PI & Project Leader for Core A & Project 2

Book Chapters
Contributed a chapter "The Aging Immune System, Vaccine Efficacy, and the Lung" to the book "Aging Lungs" edited by Richard Bucala and Patty Lee

Contact Information
Phone: 860-679-8431
E-mail: lhaynes@uchc.edu

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